The Fan Rewards program allows players of Vajra Enterprises to gain points for doing things like talking about Vajra games, playing Vajra games, writing fan-fiction, etc. and to spend those points on prizes, including free books.

As of May 2010, the Fan Rewards program will be conducted solely on the Burn Immediately message board. The old login will be left active below for pre-existing members who wants to view old legacy material. To join Fan Rewards, just create an account on Burn Immediately. Once you have a valid account on the board, you will be able to see the Fan Rewards boards. Through the Fan Rewards boards on Burn Immediately you can apply for points, apply for prizes, check your point balance and see the “secret” links available only to Fan Rewards members. If you have any problems, email creative [aht] vajraenterprises [dawt] com.

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